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Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014

    It is not exaggerating if we say that bali island is the pride of Indonesia. The reason is compared to Indonesia, bali is actually a more popular name for many people. Many people do not know that bali is actually a relatively small island that is located in Indonesia, because most people, especially tourist usually only know bali as an island, that's it. That is why having bali as one of the most popular tourist attraction in the world is actually a double-edge sword for Indonesia. On one side, bali make itself to be more popular than the country, and make the Indonesia name to be drown in the sea of nowhere. Meanwhile on the other side, many people get to know Indonesia because they know something about bali.

    But looking it as a whole, bali give more advantages for the country. Because it increases the tourism, increase the government devise, and make publication for Indonesia too. For publication, bali provide so many advantages to the country because bali make Indonesia to be more popular to the world. For example in 2009, bali has been selected and named that bali has the best spa in the world. The publications for this award were worldwide, and this kind of thing make both bali and Indonesia to be more popular among the eyes of the world.

    The international accolade that bali got in 2009 that mentioned bali has the best spa in the world was given by a berlin-based fitness magazine. It is a prestigious award and it is a proof for many people that bali is actually still maintain it's place as one of the most popular tourist attraction in the world. For the comparison, it's clear that bali is like a spa center island in Indonesia because in total of around 600-700 spas that operate in Indonesia, most of them open/based in bali. Some of the places in bali that are known for having good spas and help the island to acclaim that bali has the best spa in the world are including kuta/legian, seminyak, and ubud.